Mountaineer Recovery Center

Where hope becomes reality.

Mountaineer Recovery Center

Where hope becomes reality.

Mountaineer Recovery Center

Where hope becomes reality.

Welcome to Mountaineer Recovery Center!

We are the regional leader in substance use treatment.

Our team of behavioral health experts provide comprehensive but customized care to help you overcome your unique challenges and difficulties. We provide solution-oriented treatment that is grounded in research and is offered to individuals, couples, and families. Our services include substance use assessments, outpatient treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, a 28 day residential program, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Life Skills Training, and Peer Recovery Support Services. Our therapies are delivered in individual therapy, family therapy, groups, and recreational outings. Our objective is to help our clients make hope become reality.


At Mountaineer Recovery Center, our therapeutic techniques

Follow a Continuum of Care

Since recovery is a fluid process, the building and treatment program must allow patients to move along a continuum of care as their treatment needs change.

Patient Centered

Addiction is a disease that developed in the context of a lifestyle. Treatment will help patients not just live substance free, but live differently!

Evidenced Based

Patients will receive the most updated evidenced-based practices, medications, and technologies.

This three-fold focus has helped thousands of individuals not just climb mountains, but move them!

What’s your mountain you need to move?

Non-Discrimination Statement

At Mountaineer Recovery Center we are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our clients, staff, volunteers, vendors and subcontractors. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status in any of our activities or operations. Click here for more information on Civil Rights.

Our new facility

Mountaineer Recovery Center was awarded a $3 million grant to create a 48 bed residential substance use treatment facility. Mountaineer Recovery Center will add 30 new staff in the next year due to the overwhelming demand for the quality services we provide.

Treatment will not occur in isolation, but in collaboration with a supportive community using:

  • Technology (using EPIC EHR)
  • Partners (employers, other health care facilities, non-profits)
  • Local resources (state agencies)
  • Faith and civic groups

Patients will receive the most updated evidenced-based practices, medications, and technologies. We will also be partnering with West Virginia University and other universities to evaluate the programs impact.

Available treatments at Mountaineer Recovery Center

Our treatment model is based on a Continuum of Care, meaning that we adjust treatment according to the needs of the patient. Since needs change over time, so does our treatments and services. If needs go up, so do the level of services available. As needs reduce and circumstances improve, treatment can adjust to accommodate and enhance a persons improved functioning.

Substance use assessments

Our top tier staff of addiction therapists, physicians, social workers, and peer recovery support specialists can offer you an initial assessment to help develop with you a comprehensive plan for your optimum care and needs.

Medication assistance treatment 

Our medical team provides compassionate but cutting edge evidence-based medication to help stabilize addiction cravings and urges so that you can focus your attention on developing a recovery lifestyle. We provide medication management in both residential and outpatient care.

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)

For those who need help stabilizing their recovery but have sufficient resources of either stable work or living situation, individuals can attend our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This four month program provides three hours of education and group therapy, three days per week and is scheduled around clients work schedules or family responsibilities. We offer IOP in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Individual, family, and group psychotherapy

We recognize that addiction is a disease that affects more than just the individual. Our team uses family therapy and education as well as partnering with other local agencies such as Children Protective Services, DHHR, and WV Foster Agencies to help families reconcile and recover together.

Residential addiction treatment

We provide 48 beds for individuals to remain in treatment from 28 days depending on their needs and resources. Our curriculum and programming includes group therapy, individual therapy, recreational outings, connecting with community 12 step groups, as well as provide life skills training so that individuals can live substance free by living differently.

Now open.

For more information, please call 304.901.2070.

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